About Diacon

About Diacon

Diacon Hospital (Diabetes Care Research Center) was started in the year 1990. So far more than 90,000 patients have been treated by us. We have the largest Diabetic registry in the state of Karnataka. On an average, 15 new patients 60 review patients are seen every day in the OP section.

Case record forms of all the patients have been maintained till date in a systematic manner by our MRD. Both eCRF & Manual CRF’s are being maintained.

Diabetic Education is given at most importance & 3 hrs of Classes for all the new patients are taken daily. Dietetics & Education is being handled by 3 qualified Dieticians. Regular audio visual classes are taken. All the review patients also go through diet counseling during every visit. Qualified Podiatric Nurse spends time with all the patients during every visit. All patients undergo complete evaluation for microvascular and macrovascular complications before seen by the consultants.

Hospital has 25 ‘In patient’ beds & has a work load of 60 to 70 out patients coming every day. 5 Diabetologists manage this load apart from 8 Registrars. A 2 year Fellowship training in Diabetology is being conducted for the last 10 years. Doctors have the option of taking either the RGUHS (medical university) or the RSSDI (National Body, now recognised by Jaipur National University) course. Rajiv Gandhi Health University has recognized the “Certificate Course” in Diabetology which is the first of its kind in the entire country. Doctors undergoing these courses are paid by the hospital & only applicable university fee is being collected. A total of 8 students undergo residency program every year. With close to 70 million people with diabetes in India, India is facing an up-hill task of providing quality diabetes care & we need to train at least 20 to 30 thousand doctors to take the load expected by the year 2025.

Hospital also conducts specialized courses to train ‘Diabetic Nurse Educators’ & also train Dieticians to become ‘Diabetes Educators’.

Hospital caters to patients with diabetes & all the complications are taken care of. DIAVISION A full fledged Ophthalmology unit has been set up since 2009 in association with ‘Retina Institute of Karnataka’. All patients are seen by qualified retinal specialists and optometrists. DIAVISION houses the latest laser equipment, OCT machines, fundus camera and refractometers. A full fledged dedicated operation theater for cataract and other retinal surgery will be operational soon.

We have set up facilities for noninvasive cardiac evaluation (TMT, ECHO) & are running a specialty clinic in Cardiology called Heart Beats with the help of Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwanthpur since 2008.

Hospital has a full fledged “Diabetic Foot Care unit” called “Foot Steps” with trained Nursing staff in foot care & Podiatry. The unit is under the charge of a Plastic surgeon who is also a trained Podiatrist. He also heads his dept as Prof in a teaching Institute. About 60% of our admitted patients are those with foot infections. Our “Out patient” load in the foot clinic is about 20 to 25 patients every day. We see almost all types of Foot Infection cases. We have all the equipment for work up & treatment. We have done trails on Human platelet derived growth factor on wound healing & also have done antibiotic trails. Several of our students have presented papers on Diabetic foot issues in meetings.

Apart from Specialized foot clinic, Hospital also runs “Neurology & Nephrology clinics” with specialists seeing the cases daily. The hospital runs a clinic for the ‘expecting mother’ which enrolls pregnant women with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes to ensure stringent diabetes control and improve pregnancy outcomes.

The hospital also has a Radiology set up along with the Biochemistry Lab. State of art fully automated Biochemistry analyzers are in place.

Hospital has a diet kitchen which caters to the needs of the patient’s diet. It manages diet for both ‘In’ and ‘out patients’. Full fledged Pharmacy & Diabetes Foot wear section caters to the need of every patient of Diabetes.

Diacon Hospital has always taken the social responsibility as its main priority. We have adopted Slums behind Binny Mills & patients are being seen free of cost for the last 10 years. We also run Free Type 1 Diabetes clinics on Sundays. Free drugs & Insulin are provided. Regular Public awareness programs & camps are conducted all over the state.

The Research wing of the hospital is actively involved in many Multicentre International studies. Phase 2 & Phase 3 studies are conducted in the field of Diabetology are conducted here. Multinational Research projects are being handled by us for the last 12 years. We have done projects for Novo Nordisk, Elli Lilly, Astra Zenica, GSK, Quintiles, PPD, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, USV Limited, India, Bayer, India, Servier, A complete list of Research projects done by the Hospital is attached separately. Our Research Unit comprises of qualified doctors & Research Associates. All the equipment’s needed for conducting clinical trails as per GCP guidelines are available. Hospital has its own IRB which meets once in 30 days to review the current research projects & to approve new projects. Constitution of the IRB is as per GCP guidelines. Our IRB (Institutional Review Board) is recognized by DCGI (Drug controller, Govt. of India). Hospital takes up training of research associates free of cost.

Diacon Hospital was started April 8th, 1990 as an exclusive Hospital for Diabetes. It was started at a time when there were no exclusive hospitals for Diabetes & even today it continues to be the only hospital with both inpatient and outpatient facilities for diabetes. As Diabetes is a single disease specialty with a web of co morbidities, our Vision was to create a dedicated Hospital environment that offers more than just a prescription. In short, our efforts are to make the life of a Diabetic patient sweet without SUGAR. Our motto is “Accessible, Accountable & Affordable.


Extensive patient education program from qualified Dieticians & Educators.

State of art biochemistry Lab with Internal & external Quality control programs supervised by a qualified Biochemist with a PhD degree.

Radiology department with X ray, Ultrasound & Doppler equipment.

Cardiology department with Computerized ECG, ECHO and TMT facilities.

Optholmology unit with all facilities for Medical Retinal work.

Foot clinic with equipment to measure ABI, perform foot pressure mapping, arterial & venous doppler. Full fledged podiatric setup headed by a plastic surgeon for all minor and major procedures..

Pregnancy clinic for type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes patients to cater to the special needs of the mother and her unborn offspring.

Continuous glucose monitoring systems, insulin pumps and facilities for sleep study for suspected OSA patients.

Specialized Diabetic foot wear store.

Pharmacy with specialized Pharmacists to assist patients.

Medical records Dept. with Patient CRF from the start date of the Hospital.

Full fledged Major & Minor OT.

25 In Patient beds.

A Diet kitchen/cafeteria for both ‘In & Out’ patient use.

Separate Clinical Research Block to conduct Phase 1 to Phase 3 clinical research.

Full fledged Medical Library with latest textbooks, journals and internet Facilities for students.

Visiting consultants from Neurology, Nephrology, Cardiology, Pulmonology, Dermatology.

Orthopedics, Plastic & Vascular surgeons attend patients as & when required.

Rajiv Gandhi Medical University recognized Post Graduate “Certificate Courses in Diabetology” & Jaipur National University approved “Advanced Certificate Course in Diabetology” in association with RSSDI.

1 year Fellowship Course in Diabetology will be starting from January 2019. Certification will be given by the CURE Trust of Diacon Hospital.

Recognised for treatment of Karnataka State Government Employees and family members.